Trip with my Civil War and Reconstruction class to visit the Gettysburg Battlefield.

Courses Taught


U.S. History to 1877 (Including two large sections of 280 students with 3 Teaching Assistants per section)
U.S. History since 1877 (Face-to-face and online)


Women and Gender in U.S. History
Women in Modern America (Cross-listed as History and Women’s Studies course)
Public History
     Student Presentations: https://www.francis.edu/News/2017/04/HIST-301-class-creates-exhibit-at-Keirn-Family-WW-II-Museum/
     Student Presentations: http://ccsd-news.blogspot.com/2016/04/
World War II: Origins and Aftermath
     Student Presentations: https://issuu.com/saintfrancisuniversity/docs/e-sfu-fall-2015/21 [Pages 19-20]
The Civil War and Reconstruction: 1840-1877
Gender in War and Human Rights (as a first year writing course and as a senior year seminar)